2015-08-25 Tue I published a short rant

About WiFi and internet connection in german hotels and holiday flats (written in german).

2014-09-09 Tue New on my github page: dirtpit

In the spirit of open knowlege I don't want to hide the quick and dirty little tools I write for my everyday useage. So here they are.

About me

I am a (junior-) developer currently working for zeitform. In my free time I frequent serveral events surrounding the german Chaos Computer Club and its friends. When I am not hacking perl at my job I always like to try out and learn plenty of other script- and programming languages.


  • You can find some stuff I write in my free time on github
  • If you think you could use my help for a project: Check the following list of languages I know/use (sorted from - kinda - well-known on top to 'hello-world'-level on bottom):
    • C++
    • perl
    • python
    • php
    • javascript
    • arm7 assembly
    • common- and emacs-lisp
    • C


When I have the chance to get away from my screen for a few days one can often find me on-tour with the two Viking-Reenactment (or 'Living History') groups I am part of. (markwoelfe.de | danelag-wikinger.de).

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